In 1945, Jimmy Siro was a maƮtre d' at the world famous Waldorf Astoria. He came to Saratoga and was introduced to the upstate social scene and became the proud owner of an eatery called The Maranase. He took his skill set from the Waldorf Astoria and used those time tested principles to open Siro's.

For almost 90 years, the seasonal restaurant has lured celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and other racing followers who want to eat, drink, and socialize at what is the thoroughbred racing industry's most recognized dining and entertainment hot spot.

Inside, the sophisticated dining room is marked by white linens, tuxedoed servers, and world class cuisine and a classic piano bar. It's a place where the Rockefellers, Whitney's and Astors once had their own private dining areas.
An often repeated line uttered by a waiter is "Siro's is where Goodfella's meets Gone with the Wind." The outside area features premier band offerings to over 1500 people. You can't reproduce the history and tradition of this once and still venerable restaurant!